What are Your Views About Rules?

Hmmmm….what’s the deal about rules?


  • As parents we start out knowing that in order to be a success, it is absolutely mandatory that children obtain a traditional education in Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. However, it takes more than academics if they are to become a well-rounded adult, but living in the age of technology, where the pure level of conflicting information and advice that is available can be intimidating, coupled with society’s total media captivation, can make it completely difficult to figure out a course of action that will best prepare children for the life challenges that they must face in their journey toward adulthood.


  • Everyone has rules they have to follow in order to get along in society, and every broken rule has a consequence. For a child, being allowed to randomly break rules, without suffering the consequences, teaches them that they can do whatever they want and get away with it creating discipline and authority figure issues when they are young. Being allowed to break the rules without consequences as a child may create even larger problems for the child as an adult when they discover too late that another word for rule is law, and another word for consequence is prison.


  • As a teacher, you are trained to understand exactly how to create the best environment for your child. It’s not rocket science, perhaps, but it’s also not obvious to everyone so a simple explanation of the “secrets” that teachers learn will help you create a home environment where your child is free to grow and develop in order to live a life of integrity and respect.


  • As a mom, you learn through experience or from what my mom taught me, that children need, want, and respect rules, routine, and boundaries. You might think that all children secretly desire parents who let them do whatever they want whenever they want. Actually they don’t.


  • Children need to know that their parents care enough about them to set parameters for life. They need to know that someone is watching out for them who truly have their well-being in mind. They may cringe about the rules of the house, but they appreciate that you care enough to make those rules in order to help them. Don’t expect them to ever admit that, just know that it’s true. Parents who care have rules and routines.

© Copyright 2012      – Naughty Little Boy

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