Finding Good Things in Your Life~

Naughty Little Boy

I teach 17 adorable first Grade students. I look forward with anticipation to see them daily. They are so eager to learn and that truly warms my heart. On my drive home, I am guaranteed to have a giggle or a hearty smile due to what one of my students said or did.

Happiness in my opinion is finding good things in your life; right here, right now. Realizing that you have wonderful things all around you is surreal. So many people live their life stuck on the idea that they will only be happy once they have achieved this, that and the other thing.

And when they do – they realize they aren´t happy after all. Because then they have new things to want. There´s no way they can put on a happy face – for real. They haven´t learned to like the wanting-part – the journey itself. Their mind is set on the idea they cannot be happy unless they have achieved something (or everything). They haven´t learned to find happiness in their journey towards the wanted thing.

Some say happiness is elusive. I think otherwise. Happiness is an attitude. And as such you carry the keys to happiness with you where ever you go – it is all inside your own mind. You can learn that attitude of happiness if you so decide.

By finding things to appreciate here and now you flow easier with your life – you let the river of life take you. Learn to appreciate your life first as it is can bring almost magical results.

I do believe like attracts like. And so finding happiness in the little things changes your mindset and you become like a magnet – drawing more good things into your life. I´ve studied the subject for over 20 years now and experience has shown me this really is so.

And once this starts happening, the don´t worry be happy attitude becomes easier and easier to keep.

© Copyright – Naughty Little Boy

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