Yesterday was spontaneous and extra-ordinary for me. I started with my usual meditation, affirmations, mantras, and declaration to the Divine one. I relished twenty minutes of Tai Chi, and ate breakfast. I set out in the afternoon to meet-up with my friend Chrissy to do some school work. She made a healthy fare of grilled chicken breast with a medley of medium sized diced avocado, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro, drizzled with homemade balsamic vinaigrette. We discussed our love of teaching and shared touching stories about our loving students. It was dreamlike! Then Chrissy said, “Hey, let’s go to that park that you often told me about, your secret hideaway where you meditate sometimes and find peace and serenity.” I thought that was a brilliant idea and in no time we left happily and I drove us to my place of bliss.

Chrissy loved it…..she was enthralled with the nature and wild life! The added bonus was the multihued sunset at 7:30pm. The day’s mystique didn’t end there. Chrissy was game for an impulsive evening. We took the scenic route along the sea side to return home, and then I went with the flow and drove unprompted into one of my favorite parks along the coast. I am glad we did. We saw some people unpacking drums and musical instruments from their cars and we became curious. I even got a chance to hit one of the drums while they were walking down the stairs to the beach. The man holding one of the drums felt my curiosity and asked if I wanted to hit it and went on to say, “Don’t be scared.” Then I answered lightheartedly, “Ooooh no….I am merry to hit the drum!”…….and I hit a little beat on the drum.

We shared a laugh after realizing that he was also a fellow Jamaican and we shared a short conversation in Jamaican patois.

Chrissy and I decided to hurry and pay for parking, and then followed the sound of sweet pulsating music that led us to the group of people onto the beach. Their attire was numinous, and their smiles glowed as bright as the brilliant new moon in the nighttime sky. WOW!!! The music resonated with the core of my soul. I was excited and drawn to the music. The leader or facilitator nodded with acceptance when he saw my eagerness to be a part of the circle of powerful, communal, and beautiful display of sight and sound. I was given a pair of drum sticks and I wasted no time in starting to create music with the three drums before me. Chrissy was smiling as she sat on the sand along the captivating sea shore as she loosened her ponytail and her hair fell loosely to her shoulders. She nodded with approval as I chuckled like a little girl. The drums drew my energy and unified me into a consolidated force. I tried to alternate the tempo of the drums as the participants made up the music as they went along. I used my listening skills to make musical connections and expressed myself in all the ways that felt right. I had a hunger of oneness……I can’t even explain it as I became lost in a meditational rhythmical trance on an enchanting path of consciousness. I played for almost two hours as the cool sea breeze caressed my face and tousled my hair. I felt good as I glistened with sweat, and moved my body in harmony to the pulsating musical sounds. We seemed to make up the music as we went along, using our listening and playing skills to make musical links. It was all voluntary with drumming, singing, chanting, dancing, and listening. There was pure equality……no heads, no tails. I LOVED it! My soul was captivated.

It was a transformation through rhythm, drumming, and consciousness………an opportunity for people of like minds to unite for the realization of a shared objective of rhythm to be in tune with each other and ourselves. Then my soul realized it was time to bid adieu and Namaste, so I bestowed my gratitude, and when Chrissy and I were ready to leave…..one of the participants, (a beautiful earth-angel) gave us a card. Lo and behold, the moderator who shaped this remarkable experience through his discrete actions with helping to maintain a steady beat, and helped to manage the environment to see that everyone was able to participate fully……. is Dr. George Xavier Love. Creator of 5 Love Transformations: Emotional (Mastery, Movement, Food Therapy, Sex Therapy and Immuno-Therapy). Chinese Medicine, Ear Reflexology and Qigong. Creator of 7 day Juice Feast & 21 Days to Wellness in 1993, and Psycho-puncture.

Hmmmmm……how interesting and magical is that? It’s amazing how souls paths are meant to cross of shared understandings in life.

Now I have discovered a new and added desire from a night of pure enchantment…….. Drum Circle Rhythms! Namaste!

About Inspired by Optimism

Angela Brent-Harris thrives on inner peace. She is optimistic and passionate about life. She is a spiritual healer and practitioner, a Reiki master, an ordained interfaith Minister, and a first-grade teacher in Boca Raton, Florida. She is the mother of two boys and the author of two children’s books and a Memoir.

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