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Hmmmmm……..I do not put off feeling good about myself…. I reject the notion that I can only feel good about myself once I have the right relationship, the good job, the dream house or the sports car. I recognize that I can feel good about myself right now because I can feel the richness of my own heart. SO many of us put off feeling good about ourselves until later. We believe that we can only feel good when we have the right relationship, the career, the money, the nice house, the sports car… and not before.

How can we feel good when we are not in a romantic relationship?

And don’t talk to me about feeling good when I do not have enough money in the bank to pay for my food next week, let alone a vacation.

How can I feel good when my car is clapped out and my house is not as good as those of my work colleagues?

Just how could I possibly feel good because I cannot get a decent job?

But we need so much to feel good about ourselves right now.

It does not matter what we have, it is enough to know that we have the beauty and truth and goodness of ourselves… and that is something to really feel good about.

And when we have this energy of feeling good about ourselves…. loving ourselves unconditionally……we attract into our lives all those things that we do not now believe we lack.

OK we might not have the great relationship or job or living environment… but this does not mean all of this is not on its way.

It does not mean we don’t deserve this or will never get this……. sometime soon.

The more we focus our attention on not having this or that the more we will bring about the experiences of not having, of lacking or being deprived of.

But when we turn our focus and attention to just how good we are, just how abundant we are, and how while we might not have the money in the bank the real treasure is the love that is in our heart then we draw into our lives all the physical expressions of what is contained in our heart.

And we bring into our lives the money we need as well as the relationship we need to fulfill our life purpose. We live in an abundant universe.

And we bring into our lives that which we are… in other words, that which we feel about ourselves and that which we believe is true of ourselves.

If we want more money we have to see ourselves as rich in all aspects of life, which is true.

If we want the dream relationship, then we have to believe we are worthy and so desirable that people will be queuing at our door.

And as we thinketh, so it becomes true for us.

This is not a cliche.

It is the truth of the universe.

Like attracts like.

So rich people attract rich things.

Loving people attract loving people.

People who feel good about themselves bring into their lives things that are good.

And, unfortunately, the opposite is true also.

We need to feel good about ourselves because there is so much good in us.

We do not need something outside of us to suddenly feel good.

If we believe that getting married would complete us, then it might be once we are married we will then need something else to complete us……. and we will never be satisfied and always feeling that we lack things. But the moment we decide to feel good about ourselves because we are here, our life changes.

Why not feel good about the miracle that you are?

Why not feel good about the fact that you were created to be on this planet in this time to love and be loved… which is the truth, of course?

Instead of focusing on what we have not got, what we have not achieved, what we might never have, let us now turn out thinking to just what we have got, what we have achieved and what we will most certainly have… that is, if we abandon this negative thinking!

We can make quite a list.

The positive list in all of our lives will outweigh the negative even if we seem mortified or unduly focused on the gloomy side of life.

OK things could be better… but then they could be a lot worse.

And it is a great idea not to put off feeling good about yourself…….. give yourself a hug right now and proclaim…………….I am the BEST ME!

You won’t be wrong!

About Inspired by Optimism

Angela Brent-Harris thrives on inner peace. She is optimistic and passionate about life. She is a spiritual healer and practitioner, a Reiki master, an ordained interfaith Minister, and a first-grade teacher in Boca Raton, Florida. She is the mother of two boys and the author of two children’s books and a Memoir.

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