Here is an excerpt from Love Doesn’t Die that I want to share with you especially how I got the nick name Chirpie from my dad , page 37……   “As I became older, I saw a lot of my father in myself. I always thought that I was rich, not in monetary wealth but in being content. I was happy with who I was despite the problems and obstacles along the way. I would be thankful for family, to have a roof over my head, clothes to wear, food to eat and a job and that was all that mattered. I became more spiritually aware as I got older. I connected with my Dad in that sense too. I grew up in the Catholic Religion but in my late thirties, I became interested in Buddhism, heights of meditation, aromatherapy, and the healing effect of crystals. I didn’t take these spiritual teachings lightly; I began to learn more by studying about my curiosities and later became a Reiki Master and a Crystal(Chakra) Healer.

I shared this with my Dad, but he would only smile and just say that I was just beginning spiritually. He would say, “Chirpie, before I leave this earth, I will teach you all you need to know”. My dad called me Chirpie, because he said that I was always happy-go-lucky, and that I never seemed to be bothered by anything. He compared me to being a happy little bird chirping and soaring through the sky.”

About Inspired by Optimism

Angela Brent-Harris thrives on inner peace. She is optimistic and passionate about life. She is a spiritual healer and practitioner, a Reiki master, an ordained interfaith Minister, and a first-grade teacher in Boca Raton, Florida. She is the mother of two boys and the author of two children’s books and a Memoir.

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  1. Ivy Soffin says:

    You are my inspiration in more ways than I could express. I cherish our friendship Angela. Xoxox

    • OOoooh sweet Ivy, you are a breath of fresh air!!!! Thank you for your warmth and loving sentiments. I cherish our friendship very much. Love you! Many blessings of peace, love, happiness, and white light!

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